Friday, 16 October 2009

Level 3 Statement of Intent

This year I want to maintain a consistent level of working, continually exploring new avenues of research. I want to be able to define my method of working with different processes and really concentrate on producing final outcomes. I want to improve my photography skills and techniques for research and recording final outcomes.I want to improve my ability to articulate my ideas and processes. I aim to continue to look at natural forms and use that as a form of inspiration, and to continue using printmaking as a fundamental process in my work. Repeated patterns have always seemed to be a part of my work, and so I want to find out how important its presence is . I feel that I need to have a more playful outlook on my work, and to broaden my ambitions.

10 Questions
1)How will I expand my levels of research?

2)How will I improve my process skills and techniques?

3)Why am I so fascinated by texture?

4)Why do I always go back to natural forms?

5)What are my images communicating?

6)How will I define my method of working?

7)Why take photos of work to produce final outcomes?

8)How important is repeated pattern to me?

9)Where do I see my final outcomes?

10)Will I enjoy this work as much as I want to?

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